The Deccan Heritage Foundation is dedicated to promoting and preserving the Deccan's culture and history.

The Deccan region is one of India’s best kept secrets. Ancient and rich with almost three thousand years of tradition, the area has seen the rise and fall of countless kingdoms. Its modern life of vibrant festivals and bustling commerce is as lively now as it has ever been.

Outside of India its wonders - including some of the oldest surviving Buddhist temples in all of Asia and tombs of emperors which rival the Pyramids — are barely known and seldom seen. Millennia-old monuments are in constant danger of being torn down to make way for construction sites.

Our mission is to change that, and we need your help.


We fund vital efforts to protect the Deccan’s ancient monuments and landscapes from destruction by encroaching development or simple neglect. Find out more on our Projects page


We support education in the Deccan to raise awareness of the value of historical conservation and help keep local traditions alive for future generations. Learn about our educational programmes.


We produce guides, photo books, and in-depth research to promote awareness of the Deccan's historical treasures within India and around the world.

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