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About Deccan Heritage Foundation India

The Deccan Heritage Foundation India (DHFI) is a sister organization of the DHF. It is charitable organisation registered under section 25 of the Companies Act 1956 / Section 8 (Companies Act, 2013) and was launched in India in September 2011.

Why Deccan

The Deccan is a place apart, quite distinct from the rest of India.

Replete with ancient cultures and rich history, the Deccan stretches across an enormous area covering Maharashtra in the north to Karnataka in the south, Goa in the west, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the east.

A major part of our mission is bringing the Deccan’s rich heritage to a new generation of Indians as well as foreign visitors. The Foundation sets out to make the rich cultural heritage more accessible to a wider public and create a greater awareness within the local communities so they learn how the monuments can be socially and economically beneficial.

DHF Executive Team, India

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Activities of the Deccan Heritage Foundation India

Working towards its goals DHF works in the Deccan through multiple initiatives under Conservation and Education and has several programmes under the same.

Education: DHFI believes in the importance of education as the means to promote a better understanding of the Deccan’s rich architectural heritage that represents all aspects of Indian cultures and civilisations.

As a part of its educational programme, the DHF has published several guidebooks aimed for the aspiring cultural tourist both local and foreign. These guidebooks are authored by professional with vast experience of working in and writing about the Deccan.
To view our Publications please click this link.

Conservation: The DHF selects monuments for preservation that are historically important, and economically, culturally and socially advantageous to local communities.

The Foundation has been developing detailed proposals and working towards restoration and rehabilitation of several significant monuments.

Other Collaborators

In Hyderabad and Telangana the DHF India collaborates with the Kalakriti Foundation of Prashant and Rekha Lahoti.

In Mumbai the DHF Annual lecture is hosted by Dr. Rashmi Poddar at Jnanapravahan. Both DHF and DHF India have developed close ties with Dr Poddar with whom many interests and activities are shared.

In Bangalore, the annual lecture is hosted by International Music and Arts Society.