MARCH 2021

  • “The Idea of Sacral Kingship between Islamic and Turco-Mongol Concepts of Politics”
    Evrim Binbas, University of Bonn, March 5, 1pm GMT
  • “Written in Stone: Traces of Medieval Architects”
    Subhashini Kaligotla, Yale University, March 26, 2pm GMT


APRIL 2021

  • “Balsam and Betel Nut Palm: Botanical Representation in the Early Modern Deccan”
    Nicolas Roth, Harvard University, April 9, 1pm London (8am New York, 5:30pm Mumbai)
  • “Jaina Temple Architecture of Coastal Karnataka: Climatic Dependencies and Artistic Freedoms”
    Julia A. B. Hegewald, University of Bonn, April 30, 1pm London (8am New York, 5:30pm Mumbai)


MAY 2021

  • “Rocks from a brush: Artistic encounters with Deccani rocks, hills and landscapes”
    Navina Najat Haidar, Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 14, 1pm London (8am New York, 5:30pm Mumbai)
  • “Discovering the Deccan”
    William Dalrymple in conversation with George Michell, May 28, 1pm London (8am New York, 5:30pm Mumbai)


JUNE 2021

  • “The Persianate World: What is it? How did it appear? Why did it Collapse?” 
    Richard Eaton, University of Arizona, June 11, 2pm London (9am New York, 6:30pm Mumbai)
  • “Dressing in the Deccan: Clothing and Identity at the Courts of Central India”
    Marika Sardar, Aga Khan Museum, June 25, 1pm London (8am New York, 5:30pm Mumbai)


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